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But you probably want to see some examples so take a look!


This is a taste of the series “Unloaded.” On this show, we demonstrate how you can safely disassemble, clean, and reassemble your firearms to keep them in proper working order.

Firearms instructor Grace Boatright and I thoroughly enjoyed producing these weekly videos. I handled lighting, camera angles, sound, and editing, while she brought the tools, expertise, and charm.

YouTube Shorts

More than three months after leaving Olympic Media, more than 50% of the top-performing YouTube Shorts are still my creations

-> 9.3 Million Views

This comes from over an hour of police footage to tell the story in less than a minute

-> 1.2 Million Views

Here is an example of how editing can turn lengthy Q&A into sharp, minute-long content

-> 3.3 Million Views

Sometimes editing is just a way to make hilarious moments even funnier


Special Event Photography

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So Who Am I, You Ask?

I Am Chris O'Neil

From a very young age, I was surrounded by professional film crews and visionaries. Watching them work was a great inspiration. A story is one of the most powerful tools a person can wield, my mission is to help tell your story in new ways and spread it farther than ever before. 

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